Hello and welcome to my canvas!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

My name is Hosanna (you can call me Zanny) and I am a lover of light.

I want to be in the light, capture the light, and bring a little piece of it home with me on my memory card. I have a passion for moments – specifically the ones I create and turn into something artistic. I see two people in love and I see potential for ART. I see a newborn and I think “ART”. You, to me, are a piece of art.

This passion of mine all started years ago with a little point and shoot camera. “Aim, focus, click”, and not much more than that. Little did I know how much there was to learn and how eager I would become to learn it!

I can tell you a lot about the passion I have for photography and how it came to be, but I’ll keep it simple and tell you this…

I used to walk down the beach at sunset with my dad and we would compete over who could get the best shots. We would get home and upload our photos and my whole family would come together and vote who’s was the winning shot.

It was all a game back then… “Aim, focus, click, WIN”.

I fell in love with this game though. Maybe not even so much the game, but the moments I was living. It was something special to me, it was art that I was living and art that I was capturing – it was life. These sunsets were art. The laughs we had were art. Life, in my eyes, was nothing but art.

I fell in love with these moments and even more so the idea of being able to keep them.

And these moments I experienced were being experienced everywhere – in different ways on different faces – but nonetheless it was beautiful. I used to capture my own moments and keep them for myself but, since then, have grown a passion for capturing other people’s moments and giving a little piece of them as a gift.

It all started on the beaches of California and this passion has led me all over the world and landed me on the gorgeous beaches of Hawaii.

Come walk the beach with me and, together, let’s create art!

Hope to meet you soon.